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Office Hours Part-time Faculty

Virtual Office Hours Only

Fall 2021

Due to Covid restrictions, in-person office hours have been suspended. All office hours are virtual for the Fall 2021 semester. Please contact your instructor to make an appointment.
NamePhoneOffice HoursOfficeEmail
Banholzer, JacobEmail OnlyBy
Beams, DavidEmail OnlyBy
Brunicardi, MatthewEmail OnlyBy
Canning, CandyEmail OnlyBy
Chappell, StacieEmail OnlyBy
Corson, DanielleEmail OnlyBy
Cox, KellyEmail OnlyBy
Cunningham, ErinEmail OnlyBy AppointmentCVA427erincunningham@boisestate.ed
Feast, TerraEmail OnlyBy
Galvan, LupeEmail OnlyBy
Harris, CaitlinEmail OnlyBy
Keller, MichelleEmail OnlyBy
McMahon, JohnEmail OnlyBy
Roggenbuck, LisaEmail OnlyBy
Schettle, BrieEmail OnlyBy
Theil, JodieEmail OnlyBy
Valencia, VeikoEmail OnlyBy
Walsh, ThomasEmail OnlyBy