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Thomas Elder

Thomas ElderAssociate Professor, Graphic Design

MFA, Graphic Design, Iowa State University

Tom Elder has been professionally creating traditional design, signage and digital art for much of his design career. Some of his expertise includes consultation for physical accessibility to structures and the use of ADAAG or Americans With Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines. His work is acknowledged in Access for Everyone: A Guide to the Accessibility of Buildings and Sites with References to ADAAG, Osterberg, A. E., & Kain, D. J. (2005).

In past projects, Tom was one of the original consultants for Adventure Island Playground; the first accessibly designed playground in Idaho located in Meridian, Idaho; he also designed the original entrance sign for the playground. Tom also designed City Centre Garage signage on 9th and Front, Boise, Idaho including the interior signage structure. He also designed and planned the location of exterior wayfinding to College of Idaho and some informational direction signs for the City of Nampa, Idaho. He is also an accomplished label designer using hand-drawn and digital lettering techniques for his designs. Tom also creates artwork in virtual 3D creating 3D rendered art that has been curated and exhibited in select national exhibitions.