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Assembly Committees

Every committee meeting is open to the public. Meetings are bi-weekly on Wednesday from 4:30-6:00pm, unless stated otherwise below.

Campus Food Pantry Committee

  • Works to increase awareness, functionality, and sustainability of the food pantry on campus
  • Meets weekly to restock the pantry, and finds ways to best serve and identify the populations that need this campus resource
  • Advocate for the items and resources we believe students would most benefit from

Academic Affairs Committee

  • Encompasses event planning, leadership, and change
  • Aid in the event planning of Golden Apples
  • Attend leadership and change-based committees representing student voice using the last-girl framework

Government Relations Committee

  • Actively works to support the relationship between Boise State University and Local and State Government Entities
  • Plan events such as: Voter Registration Day, Mayoral Debate, Day at the Capitol
  • Connect with Legislators and local decisions makes about issues that impact Boise State students

Sustainability Committee

  • Advocates and Educate our Boise State and local community on sustainable practices
  • Focus on how the sustainable growth of our university and our surroundings can be both environmentally and economically efficient
  • Collaborate with other entities to create a stronger task force and write legislation to support these initiatives

Ethics Committee

  • Read code and constitution to assist in revisions and amendments
  • Help the ethics officer ensure meetings and events are following code and constitution guidelines

Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Committee

  • Student-led committee aimed at supporting students through advocacy, connecting students to services on campus, and having a voice in University policy and regulation

IESC Committee

  • Represent the values on IESC, providing the truth of students voice, and support frontline students organizations through events, bills, and resolutions
  • Pursue personal growth through inclusive excellence and giving grace

Communications Committee

  • Responsible for working on outreach to other student clubs and organization on campus
  • Working collectively to increase awareness of ASBSU throughout the University