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BCAL provides students with skills and knowledge in science and technology for professional careers or continued study in earth and environmental sciences. Students who take our classes and/or come to BCAL for undergraduate research opportunities or graduate degrees come from a variety of disciplines, including geosciences, biology, engineering, anthropology to name a few! Educational opportunities in the Department of Geosciences include graduate and undergraduate degrees in geosciences. We also support students in other departments and colleges across campus.

Course Descriptions

  • GEOG 361/561 Remote Sensing and Image Processing (3 credits): Fundamentals and applications of single frequency (including LiDAR), multispectral, and hyperspectral remote sensing for physical, natural, engineering, and social sciences. Emphasis on acquiring, processing, integrating, and interpretation of imagery. PREREQ: GEOG 360/560, Introduction to GIS. Lab fee.
  • GEOS 661 Advanced Remote Sensing and Image Processing (3 credits): Advanced image processing techniques for data derived in the visible, infrared, and microwave. Concepts of laser altimetry and terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) through hands-on field training and data acquisition and image processing. Topics may include preprocessing, endmember analysis, point cloud analysis, spectral unmixing, classification, and accuracy assessment. Practical application of theory for graduate student theses and dissertations. PREREQ: GEOG 560, Remote Sensing and Image Processing.