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Job Skills Studio

Job Skills Studio

We help you tell your story.

Need help applying for an internship or job? Unsure why you haven’t landed that interview? Looking to connect with campus resources? Our trained Student Leaders can help you!

Meet the Team

The Job Skills Studio (JSS) is a peer-to-peer service that offers context-specific materials, training, and mentoring. Our goal is to help students across the Boise State campus transfer the skills of their majors to their chosen careers.

Get to know us

Our Services

  • Based in the English department, we use rhetorical theory and research expertise as our foundation. We help students create audience-based job materials.
  • As a peer-to-peer mentoring service, we focus on building relationships and trust between students. We help students discover their questions, connect with resources, and represent themselves authentically in their job materials.
  • We do not focus on the genres and formats of job materials; instead, we help students tell their story. We guide students in seeing the story surrounding, and within, their job materials.
  • We are mobile and flexible in our approach, moving around campus to meet students where they are. We go out into the campus community, and we offer open lab hours online and in Liberal Arts 204.

Where to Find Us