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City of Boise & Treasure Valley Canopy Network Internship Opportunities

The Treasure Valley Canopy Network (Network) and City of Boise’s Community Forestry Program (Boise Forestry) are seeking motivated and self-directed BSU students interested in supporting community and environmental stewardship in the Treasure Valley. Interested students will support field operations with Boise Community Forestry and growth of the Network’s non-profit organization.

Areas of Service and Need

Community partners are seeking the following key areas of support. Based on partner need and BSU student applicants, we will create an internship opportunity that is mutually beneficial and impactful for the community

Boise Community Forestry is seeking the following field operations support: tree inventory data collection; tree steward assistance (including tree pruning)

  • Learn the data collection software the City of Boise uses
  • Learn how to use a Diameter Tape
  • Navigate Parks
  • Learn to prune with Tree Stewards volunteer program

The Treasure Valley Canopy Network is seeking administrative and creative support for a number of growing programs, including: Urban Wood Network; City Forest Credits Program; City of Trees Challenge; social media outreach and community engagement.

The City of Trees Challenge Team (a partnership between the Network, City of Boise and The Nature Conservancy in Idaho) is seeking support for developing several key components for the challenge, which may include: developing a Neighborhood Tree Captains program in partnership with Boise Parks and Recreation and Neighborhood Associations; assisting at tree distribution events and with local nursery partners.

Internship Title: Community Steward

Number of students needed:  Up to 6 (students will be organized into teams of 2 in order to work collaboratively to support Boise Forestry field operations and the Network)

Dates: Summer Semester (May 1- August 15,  2021) or Fall Semester (August 20 – December 20, 2021)

Hourly Requirement: Credit hour requirements will follow BSU Internship requirements (45 hours = 1 credit; 90 hours = 2 credits, etc.). Activities will be a combination of in-person and remote. The schedule can be flexible based on the needs of the City, the Network and team.


The goal of this internship is to engage advanced undergrad BSU students in effective and impactful environmental and community programs in the Treasure Valley. Boise Forestry and the Network need assistance in growing our programs and we seek highly motivated and self-directed undergraduate and graduate students to help us.


Lance Davisson, Co-Founder & Coordinator, Treasure Valley Canopy Network

Mike Andrews, Boise City Forester, Parks and Recreation Dept – Community Forestry

How to apply:

Submit your resume and cover letter to
Interested students will submit a current resume and cover letter, to include: What skills you offer and why you’re interested in this collaborative and self-directing leering opportunity with a local city parks department and growing non-profit organization.

Applications will be open until filled for summer and fall blocks
Questions? Email