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Seasonal Propagation Technician

JOB TITLE: Seasonal Propagation Technician

REPORTS TO: Propagation Manager and Propagation Specialists



STATUS: Full-Time Non-Exempt

This is a full-time temporary position and will run from June 1st through September 30th

The Peregrine Fund was founded in 1970 to rescue the Peregrine Falcon from extinction by pioneering ways to breed and release them across North America. With that historic success, our mission grew to encompass all raptor species
worldwide. Today we: Restore critically endangered species, research little-known species, train and support students, engage all ages with environmental education, and conserve habitat.

The Peregrine Fund is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

The successful applicant will be required to complete a background screening before final offer of employment is made.


The Seasonal Propagation Technician will work within the raptor propagation team to create a healthy environment for
current and potential breeding populations of various raptor species. This position is 30-40 hours per week from
June-September. The Seasonal Propagation Technician will receive $12.00/hour. No housing provided.


The Seasonal Propagation Technician will help care for over 50 California condors and a variety of raptor species. Daily
duties include animal husbandry and care, feeding, facility maintenance and cleaning, record keeping, and other
responsibilities as assigned.

Animal Care

● Maintain and establish captive breeding pairs of various species of raptors
● Maintain captive environment conducive to successful propagation of a variety of birds of prey
● Assist with manipulating captive nesting opportunities for a variety of raptors
● Assist with hatching and raising raptor chicks for release in a captive and/or laboratory setting
● Monitor and document chick health, development, and behavior
● Assist with administering annual and semiannual West Nile Virus Vaccines for the captive population
● Learn to trap, capture, and restrain small and large raptors species for medical procedures and transfers in a
manner that is safe for both birds and staff
● Assist in medical procedures for raptors
● Assist with banding and tagging protocols for all raptors in propagation facilities
● Transport raptors to and from various captive and field sites as needed
● Observe closely, document, and monitor raptors for general health and behavior
● Regular off site pickup of donated large carcass items for condor facility
● Provide daily care and maintenance of small goat herd on property


● Clean holding pens, breeding chambers, buildings, and public display areas as per protocol and schedule
● Weekly disinfection of all labs and high traffic areas following safe handling instructions for chemical use
● Maintain freezers, refrigerators, and feed in appropriate manner for optimal nutrition and health of flock
● Clean, store, and maintain all tools, capture equipment, inventory, vehicles, and food
● Perform regular maintenance and repair of enclosures, exhibit, and buildings
● Interact and cooperate with staff and volunteers to accomplish large projects and maintain facilities and property
● Annual fire preventative measures including grass and brush reduction
Record Keeping/Data Collection/ Other
● Follow all existing bio-security protocols
● Update all related records, reports, and daily logs as assigned
● Assist in data collection (and/or research projects) to ensure thorough documentation/accountability and
enhance knowledge of birds of prey
● Other duties as assigned


● Have or be working towards a Bachelor of Science degree or have equivalent experience
● Willingness to learn about aviculture, artificial incubation, and avian neonate care
● Experience in general animal husbandry
● Ability to perform safety practices while working with wild animals
● Comfortable learning and working in a team environment
● Self-motivated and willing to assume responsibility of assigned projects
● Able to lift and manipulate up to 70 pounds without assistance
● Able to practice a high level of patience and attention to detail; effectively communicate with volunteers and
● Must have a valid driver’s license


● Experience working directly with birds in a captive setting
● Experience in the care, feeding, and handling of wild animals


The Seasonal Propagation Technician will have frequent exposure to and close contact with large raptors and domestic
ungulates. She/he will be required to move heavy objects when needed. The work is in uneven terrain with exposure to
varying and extreme weather conditions. Exposure to dust, allergens, and hazardous materials is common. Work is
often performed in confined, cramped spaces and from elevated positions.


If you would like to apply for this opportunity, please send a cover letter, resume, and three references to