Seminar Calendar

Spring 2019

Weekly Seminars on Biological Sciences Topics

Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:00 – 4:15 pm in Education Building Room 109

Open to the Public
DateSpeaker, Affiliation, Topic of Discussion
1/17/2019Graduate Student Proposal Showcase
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Student Union - Lookout

Graduate Students in the Department of Biological Sciences to present research proposals.
1/24/2019NAME: Dr. Sara Brownell, Arizona State University
HOST: Sarah Dalrymple, Biological Sciences & CTL
TITLE:Benefits Associated with Integrating Teaching and Research in Course-based Undergraduate Research Experiences
1/29/2019Scholarship/REU Application Workshop
Learn how to make your scholarship or research fellowship application standout! Strategies for Scholarships, Research Experiences for Undergraduates, HERC Fellowship, INBRE Fellowship, and more!
2/12/2019NAME: Dr. Megan Peterson, University of Colorado Boulder
HOST: Dr. Julie Heath, Biological Sciences
TITLE: How Do Populations Persist in a Variable and Changing World
2/14/2019NAME: Dr. Brittany Mosher, Pennsylvania State University and USGS Amphibian Research and Monitoring Initiative (ARMI)
HOST: Dr. Julie Tinker, Biological Sciences
TITLE: Using Population Ecology Tools to Conserve Wildlife Facing Novel Stressors: A Case Study in Amphibian Disease Dynamics
2/19/2019NAME: Dr. Graziella DiRenzo, UCSB
HOST: Dr. Trevor Caughlin, Biological Sciences
TITLE: Using Integrative Bayesian Approaches to Examine Ecological and Evolutionary Influences on Disease Dynamics
2/21/2019NAME: Dr. Guillaume Bastille-Rousseau, Colorado State University
HOST: Dr. Ian Robertson, Biological Sciences
TITLE: Deconstructing Populations: A Quantitative Framework for the Advancement of Population Ecology
2/28/2019NAME: Dr. Alison Ravenscraft, The University of Arizona
HOST: Dr. Marie-Anne de Graaff, Biological Sciences
TITLE: The Ecological Consequences of an Environmentally-acquired Microbiota
3/5/2019NAME: Dr. Leonora Bittleston, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
HOST: Dr. Eric Hayden, Biological Sciences
TITLE: Understanding Multi-Species Interactions and Ecosystem Dynamics Using Model Microcosms
3/7/2019NAME: Dr. Lawrence Uricchio, Stanford University
HOST: Dr. Sven Buerki, Biological Sciences
TITLE: Genome-scale Inference of Adaptive Evolution: A New Approach to Solving an Old Puzzle
3/28/2019NAME:Dr. Debbie Dumroese, Rocky Mountain Research Station
HOST:Marie-Anne de Graaff, Biological Sciences
TITLE:Using biochar to improve soil resilience and sequester carbon
4/4/2019NAME: Dr. Peter Adler, Utah State University
HOST: Trevor Caughlin, Biological Sciences
4/11/2019NAME: Dr. Eric Tepe, University of Cincinnati
HOST: Jim Smith, Biological Sciences
3/18/2019 - 3/22/2019 Spring Break