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Biological Seminar Series Presents: Dr. William Laurance

May 5 @ 3:00 pm - 4:15 pm MDT

Environmental synergies and the fate of tropical nature

I will assert that many ecosystems are vulnerable to environmental synergisms—which are changes that occur when two or more environmental stressors interact or amplify one another and thereby create new threats. Such synergisms are evident in many human-altered ecosystems such as fragmented or logged forests, and in numerous animal, plant and pathogen species. Using datasets from tropical Africa, the Amazon and the Asia-Pacific region, I assert that environmental synergisms are the norm rather than the exception for many threatened species and ecosystems, and will be difficult to predict in terms of their environmental and societal impacts. The critical uncertainties of environmental synergisms highlight a need for targeted, precautionary strategies for conserving nature and safeguarding the welfare of indigenous and rural peoples who rely on these ecosystems for subsistence and survival.

Hybrid Format

In-person will take place in Rm. 106, Multi Purpose Classroom Building


ZOOM (email for details)