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Biology Seminar Series Presents: Dr. Julie Allen

October 14 @ 3:00 pm - 4:15 pm MDT

Understanding repeat patterns of evolution in avian chewing lice


Dr. Allen’s work is focused on understanding the evolutionary, ecological, and biogeographic patterns that shape our world. Research in her lab integrates different data types to understand the mechanisms behind these patterns and develops the bioinformatic tools necessary for analyses. She will talk about a research project on bird chewing lice, and how different ecomorphs on different parts of a bird’s body respond to host defenses. She will focus on identifying the evolutionary patterns behind these ecomorphs and understanding the ecological processes behind those patterns using different datasets. Additionally, she will discuss her work using community science to help digitize museum specimens and build larger databases of lice to identify spatial and other patterns.


ZOOM Link:
Meeting ID: 989 9772 4085
Passcode: 888835