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Dr. Anand Roopsind, Boise State University and Conservation International

October 29 @ 3:00 pm - 4:15 pm MDT

Why and When Conservation Policy Works: A Rights-Based Approach of Titling Indigenous Community Lands To Improve Forest Protection.

Anand Roopsind

Presented by Dr. Anand Roopsind, Boise State University, and Conservation International


An important part of conservation practice is the empirical evaluation of program and policy impacts. Understanding why conservation interventions succeed or fail is essential to design and scale cost-effective conservation initiatives. The science-based evidence we seek can be generated by modern impact evaluation designs that use robust statistical approaches. Such study designs measure the causal effects of conservation interventions by comparing outcomes under the interventions to outcomes in counterfactual scenarios (what would have happened without the intervention). Impact evaluation of conservation interventions also needs to identify the conditions under which the causal effect arises. The causal pathway to an outcome or the ‘theory of change’ can be assessed using mixed-method analytical approaches that leverage quantitative and qualitative analysis.

This presentation will focus on a rights-based approach to conservation that aims to strengthen indigenous and local community land rights to increase forest protection.  We quantify the effect of titling, or the change from customary land ownership to formal recognition of tenure, on forest cover change within Indigenous Peoples’ and local community lands across six countries in Latin America. We build a theory of change to guide our impact evaluation of titling The theory of change identifies appropriate control groups, confounding factors, and conditions that should be accounted for in our impact evaluation. We apply a mixed-method approach that leverages Bayesian econometric models and matching analysis to quantify the impact of titling on forest loss. We utilize expert interpretation of local context to reveal the causal pathways that titling increases forest protection in community lands.

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