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Michael Donoghue, Yale University

December 3 @ 3:00 pm - 4:15 pm MST

On the value of model clades: Integrative studies of Viburnum evolution

photo of Dr. Donoghue with tree specimen

Presented by Dr. Michael Donoghue, Yale University


Dr. Donoghue will argue that there are special insights that can come from studying one group of organisms really carefully, over a long time, and from multiple angles. As a demonstration, he will present several vignettes from our long-term studies of the flowering plant clade Viburnum, focusing special attention on our ongoing studies of the replicated radiation of Viburnum through the mountains of the neotropics.

More information about Dr. Donoghue and his research can be found on his website.

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Meeting ID: 959 5666 5050
Passcode: 957721