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Siobàhn M. Mattison, The University of New Mexico

October 3 @ 3:00 pm - 4:15 pm MDT

Seminar Title: The Evolution of Female-biased Kinship in Humans and Other Mammals

Siobàhn is an anthropologist and biologist at The University of New Mexico with interests in evolution, behavioral ecology, kinship, reproduction, demography, health, social inequality, and quantitative and mixed methods. Her current research projects include:

  • Working with the Mosuo of Southwest China and Vanuatu on issues related to economic development spurred by a thriving tourism industry.
  • Using historical data from the Japanese period in Taiwan to explore relationships between gender, adoption, fertility, and mortality.
  • Exploring variations in breastfeeding practices and their consequences across the globe and their relationship to putative social and economic determinants.

Learn more about Siobàhn and her research.