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Teaching Resources for DBS Instructors

Changes to Courses in a Current or Upcoming Semester

  • Changes to courses that exist in the catalog and involve more than scheduling details (curriculum changes: credits, description, etc) need to undergo a formal curriculum change process. If you are interested in proposing these types of changes, please forward your questions to Kevin Feris ( for undergraduate courses. Regarding graduate courses, please contact Jim Smith ( for EEB courses and Marie-Anne de Graaff ( for BIOL, BOT, and ZOOL courses.
  • Changes involving scheduling details can be submitted using the Request to Add or Make Changes to Biology Department Schedule of Classes on our Department Forms page.


Textbook requisitions are due to the bookstore on Oct 15 (Spring) / Mar 15 (Summer) / Apr 15 (Fall). The bookstore currently uses a database (Verbasoft) to allow faculty to order their books and communicate with the bookstore directly. It is recommended to stay in contact with a textbook publisher sales representative to ensure that the book you intend to use will still be in print in the coming semester. A month before the due dates, instructors will be reminded by the Biology department to either submit their textbook requisitions or communicate their textbook needs to the Biology front office staff to submit these on the instructor’s behalf. For any questions, contact

Use the link below to access a list of textbook representatives from various publishing companies that our department has been in contact with – Textbook Publishing Reps