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Department Seminars

Weekly Seminars on Biological Sciences Topics

For the remainder of the spring semester, department seminars will be held online. The links will be provided below as they become available.

DateSpeaker, AffiliationTitleHost
January 23, 2020Dr. Hao Ye, University of FloridaDeducing Mechanism from Ecological Time Series using Data-driven ModelingJulie Heath
January 30, 2020
Student Union Bishop Barnwell
Biology Graduate Student Proposal ShowcaseGraduate Students in the Department of Biological Sciences will present their research proposals via a lightning talk and poster session
February 4, 2020Dr. Jena Hickey, University of California DavisLessons Learned from Great Apes in Impenetrable Forests: Monitoring Wildlife that Break All the RulesMarie-Anne de Graaff
February 6, 2020Dr. Brandon Chasco, National Marine Fisheries ServiceQuantitative Ecology: Integrating Data, People, and IdeasJennifer Forbey
February 11, 2020Dr. Jennyffer Cruz, University of Wisconsin-MadisonMultispecies recoveries: challenges and opportunitiesJennifer Forbey
February 20, 2020Dr. Erin Zylstra, Michigan State UniversityUsing Hierarchical Models to Understand Dynamics of Wildlife Populations: Characterizing Survival and Occupancy of a Desert AmphibianTrevor Caughlin
March 10, 2020(Cancelled)
Kirsten Hofmockel, PNNL
Effect of Nitrogen Inputs on Carbon Cycling in Grasslands from the Nutrient Network ExperimentMegan Kelly-Slatten
March 17, 2020
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Jamie Burke, MS Biology (Thesis Defense)How Water Level and Irrigation Practices Affect Waterbird Community, Nesting, and Foraging Habitat Use on The Duck Valley Indian ReservationJay Carlisle, Advisor
April 9, 2020Dr. Megan Cattau, Boise State, Human-Environment SystemsSocial-ecological Dynamics of Disturbance and Recovery in Fire-Affected SystemsLeonora Bittleston
April 16, 2020Dr. Matt Williamson, Boise State, Human-Environment SystemMapping Conservation Opportunity with Spatially-explicit Models of Social-Ecological SystemsLeonora Bittletson
April 23, 2020Dr. Shelly Volsche, Boise State University, AnthropologyUsing Animal Behavior Techniques to Study Human-Animal InteractionsLeonora Bittleston
April 30, 2020Dr. Liz La Rue, PurdueThe Role of Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics and Dimensions of Biodiversity in Species Distributions and RestorationAndrii Zaiats