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Department Seminars

Weekly Seminars on Biological Sciences Topics

3:00 PM – 4:15 PM

Department seminars will be held online. The links will be provided below as they become available.

DateSpeaker, AffiliationTitleHostZoom Link Information
September 15, 2020Graduate Proposal ShowcaseJoin Zoom Meeting
Graduate Proposal Showcase Zoom Link
Meeting ID: 972 6387 6586
Passcode: 730348
September 17, 2020Caroline Strömberg, University of WashingtonThe past is the key to the present: Using fossil plant silica to reconstruct the Cenozoic assembly of Earth's grassland ecosystemsDr. Matt Kohn, GeosciencesThe past is the key Zoom Link
Meeting ID:954 9306 6231
Passcode: 623198
October 1, 2020Peter Unger, University of ArkansasEvolution's Bite: Reconstructing Diet and Human EvolutionDr. John Ziker, AnthropologyEvolutions Bite Zoom Link
Meeting ID:978 4322 8589
Passcode: 220973
October 15, 2020Megan Walsh, Central Washington UniversityCombining Paleoecology, Geology, and Archaeology: What Interdisciplinary Research Can Teach Us About Holocene Human-Landscape Interactions in the Pacific NorthwestDr. Megan Cattau, Human-Environment Systems & Dr. Jen Pierce, GeosciencesCombining Paleoecology, Geology, and Archaeology Zoom Link
Meeting ID:921 7282 4095
Passcode: 216960
October 22, 2020Rachel Kopec, The Ohio State UniversityBiochemical Strategies to Elucidate Poorly Understood Pathways of Fat-Soluble Nutrient/Bioactive MetabolismDr. Jennifer Forbey, Biological SciencesBiochemical Strategies Zoom Link
Meeting ID:967 3860 7988
Passcode: 810565
October 29, 2020Anand Roopsind, Boise State UniversityWhy and When Conservation Policy Works: A Rights-Based Approach of Titling Indigenous Community Lands To Improve Forest ProtectionDr. Jodi Brandt, Human-Environment SystemsWhy and When Conservation Policy Works Zoom Link
Meeting ID:963 0973 8362
Passcode: 773900
November 5, 2020Brad Ferguson, University Nevada RenoPhytochemicals attenuate pathological cardiac hypertrophy via genome-wide changes in the cardiac transcriptome: A role for HDACs? Dr. Jen Forbey, BiologyA role for HDACs Zoom Link
Meeting ID:954 7872 6981
Passcode: 067464
November 12, 2020Jean Polfus, Canadian Wildlife ServiceɁełexé Eghálets’eda (Learning Together): Strategies for cross-cultural collaboration Dr. Kelly Hopping, Human-Environment SystemsWatch Dr Polfus's Seminar on Zoom
Meeting ID:985 3168 9805
Passcode: 849874
November 19, 2020Theresa Laverty and Sarah Bombaci, Colorado State UniversityResearch advancing justice, equity, and inclusion in ecology and STEMCarlos Garcia Linares, PhD EEB Program and Callie Puntenney, MS Biology ProgramWatch Drs. Bombaci and Laverty's Seminar on Zoom
Meeting ID:977 5898 3843
Passcode: b8dzSy
December 3, 2020Michael Donoghue, Yale UniversityOn the value of model clades: Integrative studies of Viburnum evolutionDr. Jim Smith, BiologyWatch Dr. Donoghue's seminar on Zoom
Meeting ID:959 5666 5050
Passcode: 957721