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Biomedical Research Travel Grant

This grant is available to Boise State University faculty members or Boise State University graduate level students presenting biomedical/biomolecular specific research at national conferences. Applies only to domestic travel. International travel is not available under this funding mechanism. To be considered for the limited travel grant funds available; complete this form. Please fill out the request PRIOR to submitting a travel authorization; doing so will help reduce administrative burden. No purchases can be made before a travel authorization is fully approved.

If awarded, we ask that you acknowledge support by including the following information in presentations or products as a result of this funding:
“We acknowledge support from the Institutional Development Awards (IDeA) from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences of the National Institutes of Health under Grants #P20GM103408, P20GM109095, and 1C06RR020533. We also acknowledge support from BSU- Biomolecular Research Center, RRID:SCR_019174, supported by the National Science Foundation, Grants #0619793 and #0923535; the M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust, and the Idaho State Board of Education”

Please fill out this form for consideration.

Biomedical Research Travel Grant Application