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Biomolecular Research Center Reporting

All affiliated faculty, staff, and students can submit annual reports here.

Reporting is a critical component of our programs.

If we are requesting a report from you, it is because:

1. You participated in research projects or activities supported and/or funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) through the Idaho INBRE and/or COBRE in Matrix Biology programs


2. You received support from the Biomolecular Research Center which is supported by these programs

It is critical that we receive your reports to demonstrate to NIH how their funding contributes to the growth of research infrastructure through research projects, career development, programs, educational opportunities, publications, training, presentations, travel awards, use of core facilities, mentoring and other related opportunities and successes that are a result of this funding.


Due to the nature of grants, NIH recognizes research productivity, such as publications and grant submissions, may occur years after initial funding is issued. Therefore, by accepting support from the INBRE, COBRE or CTR-IN IDeA programs, you agree to complete annual reporting as requested in subsequent years as determined by the program requirements.


NIH is interested in the progress of your academic- and career-trajectory for 5 years after your participation in NIH funded programs. We will reach out to you periodically for follow-up information. By accepting support, you agree to respond to these requests in a timely manner. You are also welcome to send us updates about your career development and success at any time via email at

For specific questions or concerns regarding reporting or access to reporting, please contact Diane Smith at 208-426-2256 or