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Administrative Core

The administrative core provides logistical support for 1) Mentored Junior Investigators Research Project Oversight, 2) Student Training, 3) Evaluation, and 4) Steering and External Evaluation Committees.  A particularly important administrative core role is to facilitate junior investigator career development with well-delineated milestones that meet the long-term goal of transitioning the center from  COBRE research support to NIH R01 competitive grants.

Mentored Junior Investigators Research Project Oversight. The administrative core will facilitate interdepartmental cooperation and also plan for strategic expansion of the Matrix Biology theme through internally awarded pilot projects.

Student Training. The administrative core will support graduate student training.

Evaluation. The administrative core will oversee programmatic evaluation to assess if the overall center organization will meet goals and benchmarks for building an effective center.

Steering and External Advisory Committees. To support center strategy and evaluation, an internal advisory committee will function as the Steering Committee at Boise State.  The External Advisory Committee will develop and plan concepts and programs included within the COBRE program in an advisory role.