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Classroom Seating

There’s now an easier process for you to help with contact tracing.

In classrooms, QR codes are posted on desks and walls. Instead of filling out a survey, you can scan the QR codes with your phone and a website will ask you for information about your current location. Then a form will be filled out for you. Some classrooms might only have one QR code sign posted to represent the entire space, so you can just scan that one QR code.

Most phones can scan a QR code using the built-in camera app, but there are free QR reader apps available too. Go to the QR Code Attendance and Contact Tracing website for more information on how this works, and how to scan a QR code.

If you are unable to scan QR codes, please continue to use this Seating Survey Form.
Please scan or fill out the form each time you enter a classroom, or change locations inside the classroom.

Thank you for helping us collect accurate data to make contact tracing as effective as possible.

For additional information or assistance, please contact the Help Desk at (208) 426-4357 or email


Your Boise State Public Health Team