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BroncoFit Wellness Release Time

Boise State benefit eligible employees are allotted 60 minutes of BroncoFit wellness release time per week with supervisor approval. On-campus activities will be approved as well as some off-campus activities in which the supervisor can request documentation. The 60 minutes can be used all at once or divided throughout the week (15 minutes for four days a week, 30 minutes for 2 days a week, etc.) To utilize this service, please fill out the BroncoFit Release Time Form

Please note

The release time process has changed as of September 2018. The form no longer needs to be sent to Health Services, but will stay between the employee and the supervisor. It is encouraged to review annually or as needed.

For questions or to find out more about on-campus wellness programs, contact Kenzie Sorrells, (208) 426-2694 or