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Food Symposium

BroncoFit 3rd Annual Food Symposium.

photo collage of Food Symposium

You Are What You Eat: Is What and How We Consume Reflective of Our Campus?

Food Symposium is a time for students, employees, and community members to voice their ideas and concerns about the food culture on campus.  Through collaboration, this event seeks to analyze our current situation and brainstorm how to make Boise State the healthiest learning environment in the country. Lunch will be provided.

10:00 am – 2:00 pm  |  Tuesday, April 16, 2019  |  Imagination Lab In Skaggs Hall


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Discussion Topics:

  • Dietary Diversity and Nutritious Food: Creating an inclusive food environment on campus
  • Shared Interest and Shared Responsibility: Enhancing environmental responsibility/awareness
  • The Need for Conversation: Increasing emotional and social well-being within our community
  • Trapped in the Food Pantry: Building upon the food pantry to combat food insecurity
  • Keep Calm and Cook On: Empowering students to cook and explore their culinary potential

Please join us this year as we work together to address to topics listed above.  If there is a topic not listed here, which you consider important, let us know when you sign-up.

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