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On-Campus Student Employment – Evaluation Overview

The following tools have been created for departments to use as a guide for evaluation. The tools were created to provide feedback throughout employment for each student employee. The feedback process should start during the initial phases of employment (hiring, training, and onboarding) and continue as needed. These evaluation tools should be used in addition to intentional conversations where supervisors are checking in formally or informally with students throughout their employment to strengthen the connections with students.

Evaluation Tools

Initial Feedback Form

Description – This form is a quick feedback form used to connect with new student employees and provide them feedback on their performance during the first 1 – 2 months of employment. Areas that are more formally evaluated in the full evaluation are previewed on the initial feedback form, informing the employee of areas of importance for the department. Use this form to provide feedback that will reinforce positive behavior and/or get an employee back on track.

Recommended Use – This form is appropriate for all student employees new to your department or those that enter into a new work area within the same department. It’s intended that the initial feedback form will take the supervisor 5 – 10 minutes to complete and the meeting between the student employee and supervisor will take about the same amount of time 5 – 10 minutes.

Timing – Deliver feedback to any new student employee 40 – 60 days after the hire date.

Merit Increases – An increase in wage is not associated with the initial feedback form.

Performance Evaluation

Description – This form was created as a template for departments/areas to use to evaluate student employees. All student employees should receive at least an annual performance evaluation, as these are important for the personal and professional growth of the student. As part of the performance evaluation, student employees should also be evaluated on professional skills that are critical to future employability.

Professional Skills Evaluation – If you choose to use a different performance evaluation form than the one provided above, please use the Professional Skills Evaluation below in addition to your own evaluation. This will ensure your student employees are able to understand the skills they are learning in their jobs and how those those skills are preparing them for future careers.

Recommended Use – This form is appropriate for all students in your organization. It is intended that the full evaluation form will take the supervisor 15 – 20 minutes to complete and delivering the feedback and meeting with each student will take an additional 15 – 20 minutes.

Timing – It’s recommended that each student employee is evaluated throughout their employment annually. Individual departments can create their own time frame appropriate for delivery (i.e., once per semester, 6 months after hire, etc.).

Merit Increases – Individual departments can decide if the outcome of the evaluation should be tied to an increase in hourly wage.