Candidate FAQs

General Information on Application Process


May I use one application to apply to more than one position?

You only have to create one applicant profile within the system, but you must complete a separate application for each position you wish to apply for, as each position has specific requirements, and may have different applicant questions.

If I start an application but was unable to finish it, am I able to complete it later?

Yes, you may start your application, save it and return later to complete and submit it. However, please be sure to pay attention to the closing date for the job announcement, as incomplete applications may not be accepted.

May I submit my resume without specifying interest in a particular position or requisition?

You may create a candidate profile within the applicant system, but you may not just submit a resume by itself and be considered for any position. You need to complete an application for a posted position be considered for any open job opportunities.

How do I apply for a Classified position?

The State of Idaho requires all regular Classified staff positions to be posted through the Division of Human Resources applicant web site. These positions require that you complete the application and examination found within their web site. Qualified applicants will be identified to Boise State’s Talent Acquisition team and the hiring manager after evaluation of the applications is completed within the State’s system.

What are “Internal Jobs”?

These are opportunities open exclusively to current Boise State University faculty and staff. Classified applicants must have permanent status to apply.

How do I know if you received my online application? Can I find out the status of an application that I submitted for a position?

All applicants will receive a confirmation from the Boise State Talent Acquisition team upon receipt of their completed application. You may also log in to the system using your user name and password to view the status of your application at any time.

If a job was posted a few months ago and it is still posted on the jobs website, is it really still open?

Yes, we update the job postings frequently. If a job is listed on our website, it is considered open. Please be aware some jobs take longer to fill than others and may remain open for longer periods of time. The recruitment and selection process at Boise State may take several months, depending on the position.

How can I find out the salary range for a posted position?

Salary ranges may or may not be provided on the job announcement. State pay grades, compensation policies, years of experience, internal equity, and external market data may be considered when determining starting salaries.

Do I need to use a specific web browser to access the online applicant site?

Our system supports the following web browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 7 and above on a Windows operating system
  • Firefox 24 ESR and above on a Windows operating system
  • Safari 7 and above on a Mac operating system
  • Chrome 40 and above on a Windows operating system

How do I submit my resume or CV?

Once you have found an opportunity which matches your qualifications please complete the online application for that position. Within that application you can elect to upload your resume or CV, cover letter and other documents. A total of 10 documents may be included in your application, with a maximum file size of 5 MB per document. The system will automatically complete applicable portions of the application with information from your resume or CV.

What type of file should I use when uploading my resume?

When uploading a resume, Word (.doc) or PDF (.pdf) formats provide the best presentation to the hiring committee members. Scanned resumes and other formats are not readable by our systems.

Why isn’t information from the resume that I uploaded going into the correct applications fields, such as work experiences, qualifications, and education?

Resumes must be in a text format (i.e. Microsoft Word or PDF files) rather than an object format (i.e. scanned document) for proper parsing of the information. We recommend that you check all information that has been inserted into the application from your resume or CV to ensure that it is complete and accurate.

What if I do not have a resume?

If you do not have a resume, you have the option of manually entering your personal, employment and educational information online within your personal profile.

Can I include a cover letter with my resume and should I address it to someone?

Yes, you may attach a cover letter and any other requested documents to your online application. Your cover letter may be addressed to the Search Committee.

I am not able to complete my application online. How do I get assistance to apply for a position?

Please contact the Boise State University Talent Acquisition team at 208-426-1616 if you require assistance or accommodation with a job application. You may also email specific questions to