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Labs and research groups who are a part of CAES Energy Efficiency Research Institute.

Idaho National Laboratory

Instrumentation, Control and Intelligent Systems

ICIS research is centered on developing components, programs, systems and individuals for any application that requires monitoring, control, and human interaction. External peer review and advisory committees made up of academic, R&D, and customer organizations provide independent and ongoing review of the strategy within the signature and the focus or research funds.

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University of Idaho

Integrated Design Lab-Boise

The University of Idaho Integrated Design Lab in Boise [IDL] is dedicated to the development of high performance energy efficient buildings in the Intermountain West. This is approached through research, education and outreach efforts with students, owners, and professional design and construction teams to transform practice and keep pace with the milestones of the 2030 Challenge.

Those who utilize the resources available through the IDL will design and construct buildings that are more comfortable for people, require less energy to maintain and operate, and enhance the health and productivity of inhabitants.

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University of Idaho

Power Applications Research Group

The Power Application Research Group at The University of Idaho is a collection of faculty members and graduate students exploring new applications in the fields of power systems control and communications and also smart grid.

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Virginia Commonwealth University

Modern Heuristics Research Lab

The Modern Heuristics Research lab focuses on theoretical as well as applied research in Computational Intelligence algorithms, such as Artificial Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic Systems and Unsupervised Learning Techniques. The Modern Heuristics Research lab is applying these methods in the areas of Energy, Cyber Security, Human-Machine Interfacing, Intelligent Control Systems, Software Defined Networks, Robotics, Visualizations and other areas.

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