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Wind Energy Education Resources

Links to educational resources for faculty, student, and public use

Lesson Plans and Texts

MIT OpenCourseware

Public, free course lecture notes, problem sets, solutions, and occasionally full video lectures, including…

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Wind Energy Design by Corke and Nelson (Textbook)

300+ level Textbook on conceptual, mathematical, and engineering design of wind farms (available for purchase)

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There is a wealth of free classroom/homework project ideas on YouTube and scattered throughout the internet, here are a few:

4 Wind Turbines of varying complexity (Youtube tutorial)

  • 1st is simplest and requires little materials and skills, 4th is complex and requires welding, basic fabrication skills
  • The creative use of materials and diverse engineering/tool techniques displayed (hand cutting metals using different tools, MIG welding, improvisational material use, fixture manufacturing are highly educational

“Instructables is a community for people who like to make things”

Parasitic Wind Turbine

Sits on an exhaust fan and recollects electricity

Open Source Low Tech

Tidy outside of class projects for groups or individual students 

$30 DIY Wind Turbine

  • Excellent Video and written instructions
  • Seems to have about 20-100W actual output at a good wind site (15ish MPH average) from comments (Advertises 1 KW)


Hyperphysics (Staff Pick)

Excellent notes with illustrations on a broad range of scientific topics from Georgia State University

Bernoulli Concepts

Fluid flow and airfoil notes

Wind turbines in ocean with sailboats sailing past

National Energy Education Development Project

Intro to Wind notes for students

MIT Wind Power Fundamentals

A small 101-level collection of wind energy notes including history, basic physics, types of turbines, etc. Great early reading for a college course.

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Individual Courses

A collection of free online courses

4-5 hour Renewable Energy course

1-2 hour Wind Energy course

Crash Course

Simple, Fast-paced, material-dense 10-minute youtube videos with serious production value and graphics

The Engineering Challenges of Renewable Energy: Crash Course Engineering #30

DTU Wind Energy course

23 10-minute lecture videos from different professors covering turbine blade design to grid connection to economics

Earth Science 102: Weather and Climate College course

  • 127 lecture videos
  • Not Free for professors (~$500 per year includes prof. and their students’ access)
  • Multiple chapters dedicated to wind, atmospheric pressure, ocean wind interactions, currents, etc.