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Public Health Webinars

Faculty from the Department of Community and Environmental Health (CEH) are holding periodic webinars on topics that are timely and relevant related to public health and COVID-19.

The Widening Gap: Health Disparities in the time of COVID-19

Dr. Desmond Banks explores early data on morbidity and mortality related to COVID-19, with an emphasis on demographic data which indicates health disparities.  The webinar examines real-time data while using the social-ecological model as a framework for discussion. Desmond Banks, MPH, Ph.D., is an online adjunct instructor at Boise State and works as Senior Consultant at Health Management Associates. He earned his Ph.D. in Public Health Policy from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Balancing Individual Rights during a Public Health Pandemic

Is the shelter-in-place mandate constitutional? Has this happened before? What rights does a government have during a national emergency? Clinical Assistant Professor Andy Hyer discusses the legality of stay-at-home orders in this compelling lecture. Hyer holds a Juris Doctorate cum laude and Bachelors of Arts degrees from Brigham Young University, and a Master of Health Science with a health policy emphasis from Boise State University.