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Additional Resources

Private Tutoring

Visit the Advising and Academic Support Center website to find a private tutor or create a private tutor profile. The Advising and Academic Support Center utilizes Tutor Matching Service (TMS), a web-based private tutor list. TMS allows students to find, hire and pay for local, in-person or online private tutors.

*Disclaimer: The Boise State Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry does not endorse or approve private tutors, and is not responsible for the quality of tutoring obtained through this channel.

Math Help

Visit the Department of Mathematics for drop in or online tutoring.

English & Linguistics

Check out the English Language Support Programs for free English tutoring services.

Do you need help with your research reports, thesis, or resume? Head over to the Writing Center for assistance!

Computer Science & Engineering

The Computer Science Department has drop in and online tutoring services/a> available.

The College of Engineering is also holding online tutoring sessions.