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Shibani Basu

Shibani Basu

Dr. Shibani Basu was born and raised in a small town in India and received her Ph.D. in Chemistry, focusing on Analytical Chemistry, from the Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur. Before joining the Boise State University Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, she acted as a post-doctoral research at Ghent University in Belgium and Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX.

Dr. Basu specializes in the isolation and molecular analysis of natural products, green-synthesis of nanoparticles, and analytical process validation for medicinal application. She will be working on research projects with Dr. Owen McDougal and has plans to perform research regarding process and product development in the food industries. This would involve protocol standardization for instruments used in analytical validation. Her research efforts would support various projects across industry, academia, and government.

She has always had an attraction to all forms of sciences. Chemistry appealed to her most because of its diversity and universality in forming the basis of all forms of life on Earth. Her interest in chemistry focuses on bio-molecular chemistry/medicinal chemistry.

Boise State University’s great academic merit and quality research labs, along with Boise’s peaceful outdoor setting, are what drew Basu here. Her hobbies include reading, swimming, visiting new places, and spending time with friends and family.

Dr. Basu is looking forward to establishing cross-disciplinary collaborations with her colleagues at Boise State University and working to expand university relationships with regional industrial partners.