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Enrollment Information

IMPORTANT! If you are enrolled in a chemistry lab you MUST attend the first week of lab or you WILL be dropped from both lab and lecture.  If you are absent from the first lab and have not contacted your instructor about it you run the risk of being dropped from both lecture and lab within 24 hours of the first class meeting!!

Advising & Research Packet 2020-2021

Enrollment FAQ’s

1. How Do I Fulfill the Math Pre-requisite For CHEM 111?

2. Can I Get Chemistry Course Credit for My AP Chemistry Course?

Yes. Most AP Chemistry classes are equivalent to CHEM 111/111L at Boise State. A score of 4 or higher is required for course credit, and we need to see either your AP lab notebook or course syllabus for review. Please turn materials in to the Chemistry Department Office in SCNC 153/154.

3. Can I Get Chemistry Course Credit for my IB Exam Score?

At this point in time, we are not accepting IB exam scores for chemistry course credit.

4. Can I Test Out of a Chemistry Class?

Unfortunately, no. We currently do not offer a test for placement out of any chemistry course.

5. How Do I Get Into A Closed Chemistry Class?

IF ALL LAB SECTIONS OF A CLASS ARE FULL, WE CANNOT ENROLL YOU INTO THE CLASS (even with a permission number)! The Chemistry Department does not override laboratory capacity for physical safety reasons.

The following instructions apply to CHEM 101/102, 111/112, 301/302, 307/308, and 309/310:
Before Classes Begin:

  • Log in to my.BoiseState at least once daily to check the status of the class! There is usually a lot of enrollment activity as the first week of class approaches.
  • We DO NOT take waiting lists. We have no control over openings that occur on the web. Attend the first week of lecture (as long as room capacities are not exceeded) so that if an opening becomes available you are not behind.

Once Classes Start:

  • During the first week of classes, watch my.BoiseState often for openings as those who do not attend the lab in which they are enrolled will be dropped from both lab and lecture to create openings. There is also quite a bit of enrollment activity during the first week of classes as students rearrange their schedules.

During the second week of classes:

  • Contact the Chemistry Department office to inquire about enrolling at this point.

6.  How do I switch sections?

If you are enrolled in one section (of lecture or lab) and you wish to switch into another section that is open – Do NOT drop yourself from the class to add a different one! To prevent losing your seat in both lecture and lab, use the “swap” feature within your student center. Detailed instructions on this process can be found at the following link:

7. I’m a Chemistry Major-How Do I Ensure I Get Enrolled in the Courses I need?

If you are a Chemistry major and cannot get into a class that may affect your graduation schedule, contact Kathleen Mukengezi (email: or phone: (208) 426-1002) to determine an appropriate course of action to minimize delays in graduation.

*** If you still have enrollment questions please contact the department office at 208-426-3000***