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Transfer Students

Help…I’m a Transfer Student!

Are you transferring to Boise State University? Do you need to have a transfer course evaluated for chemistry credit OR for use as a pre-requisite for a Boise State chemistry course? If so, you will need to go through a review process.

How Do I Get Credit For Chemistry Courses Taken at Other Universities?

To see if your chemistry course has already been approved as being equivalent to a course we offer at Boise State, check out the following equivalency website created by the Boise State University Office of the Registrar:

If you don’t see your school/course listed on the on the Registrar’s equivalency website:

  • Download this transfer student course review form
  • Fill it out and submit it, along with all requested materials, to: Kathleen Mukengezi (
  • Required materials include:
    • course syllabus
    • documentation showing the textbook used*
    • list of topics covered in lecture*
    • list of experiments covered in lab*
      (*these are usually included in the course syllabus)