Meet Boise State Student Jackson Wall

Jackson Wall

Major: Health Science Studies

Hometown: Ucon, Idaho

“Be authentic, whatever that means to you. Reach out for help when you need it, be thankful when it is given to you, and get out of your comfort zone. College is all about growing not only as a professional but as a person. Growth, at least in my own personal experience, has occurred when I did something that made nervous, not when I was doing something I knew I had in the bag”


Jackson does a lot of stuff at Boise State.
– Biomedical Research for both the Bio Molecular Research Center and the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
– Orientation Coordinator – New Student Programs

How did he get connected to all this stuff?

My Research career actually began because of a conversation I had with a professor I was working for. I worked as a LA/TA to Dr. Terry Gilton for almost two years. One day he pretty much told me that my curiosity was what would take me somewhere in science, and that I should see if I could jump on a research project. So I read through all of the current research being done on campus. A few emails, interviews, and lots of training and learning in between, I now work under a very Research active professor, my mentor, Dr. Lisa Warner. I became an Orientation Coordinator by first being an Orientation Leader.

I realized all the opportunity that Boise State had given me and how critical your first and second semester can be to your success as a student. I wanted to work with new students to make sure they had a running start and so I interviewed and became a Orientation Leader. Then halfway through that role I realized the impact of the work I was doing had on the experience of incoming students. I wanted to continue with the next generation of broncos and applied to be a Coordinator. I got that and now I have the true pleasure and honor of guiding 22 of some of Boise State’s best student leaders through a leadership development and identity reflection process. They will orientate all of the incoming students this summer and I am so incredibly excited to see them grow and serve.

My biggest barrier to finding community and getting connected at Boise State was more or less myself. I came to Boise State after spending just one semester at another university where I had somewhat of a negative experience. So, when I got here it was at a time where I was very unsure of myself. However, I quickly found my people and got involved both on campus and off. I’ve had the most incredible collegiate experience and I haven’t looked back since. My friends, mentors, professors, supervisors, coworkers, and peers have all started to bleed together. They are all apart of my community and I love that.

Scariest / most daunting part of college so far?
I would say the scariest thing I have done in my time here was serving as the True Bronco Keynote speaker during Orientation programs. I thought that by speaking in front of hundreds of people over and over would make me get over my fear of public speaking. I was wrong. I still get scared out of my mind when I get put on stage, but I am much better at managing that fear and have gotten much better at delivering talks. I guess that still counts as growth right?

If Jackson could re-do college and change one thing, what would it be?
I would have gotten much more involved outside of class sooner than I did.

What’s Jackson’s reset when life get’s chaotic?
I like to spend time at the rec center. It is my time to just workout, listen to music and decompress.

Jackson rocked the undergrad student research showcase with his poster evaluating the viability of affinity tagging.
Jackson Wall will graduate in 2020 with a degree in Health Sciences.