Bridge to Career

Bridge to Career equips learners with industry-relevant practical job and life skills, in order to prepare them for their first professional jobs, regardless of their major.

Our learning opportunities strive to improve competitive advantage by increasing access and affordability to marketable skills such as, but not limited to: third-party certifications (which can be added to a LinkedIn profile or resume/CV), industry-relevant technologies, and life design principles.

We welcome and encourage students of all majors to take our courses for elective credit.

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Certificate in Innovation and Design: Emerging Applications (ID:EA) Courses

These courses may also be taken individually for elective credit – no application or prerequisites!

COID 332 Analytics for Design
COID 330 Creative Concepting
COID 333 Emerging Technology
COID 331 Growth Hacking
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B2C 197 Intro to iOS App Development with Swift Programming
This project-based course introduces new coders to app development using Apple’s intuitive Swift programming language. Learn next-gen online coding skills to complement your degree.

COID 210 Applied Personal Finance
Own your own finances so they don’t own you. Master the financial skills required to pay off debt, do your own taxes and develop a personal financial plan that caters to your needs and life goals.

COID 200 The Art of Happiness
Learn how to increase your happiness, and how happiness forms a basis for physical, mental, professional health, and beyond. Understand the power of social connections, the science of empathy, and discover what is mindfulness and its real-world applications. Personal project work helps you define happiness and apply it throughout your life. Apply course concepts to address challenges and contribute to positive change in our communities.

B2C 297 Creating Compelling Digital Content
Students will learn and demonstrate basic photography, videography, audio, and editing skills by completing self-selected projects in a studio plus lecture/discussion course format. The result of their projects will be portfolio artifacts that demonstrate the student’s abilities. The course will introduce students to equipment, software, and techniques that can be used in a variety of organizations and applied on a variety of digital platforms.

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