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1st 7 Week Session:

  • Introduction to Esports COID 497 – 1 Credit

Explore how esports reached its current level of promenance. Address how esports is being utilized at the university level. Analyze the tension between esports and as a business and form of entertainment. Analyze the history through the topics of esports as collegiate activity, business, form of entertainment, and marketing.

  • Collegiate Esports COID 497 – 1 Credit

An in-depth study of esports in the collegiate realm, topics covered include navigating school infrastructure, leadership and organization, players and productions, team creation and the future of esports. Understand the roles and responsibilities of positions within a college esports organization. Understand how to communicate with other teams, organizers and tournament hosts.

2nd 7 Week Session:

  • Survey of Top Esports COID 497 – 1 Credit

Exploration of the top esports games and the practice of skills required to gain expertise. Identification of key differences between game genres, including multi-player online battle arena, first person shooter, the card game and traditional sport games. Analysis of roles, goals and popularity trends for top esports games.

  • Detailed Esports Game Analysis COID 497 – 1 Credit

An in-depth consideration of a specific esports game that provides a research-based approach for gaining expertise. Topics include a coverage analysis, a market analysis, competition within leagues and tournaments. Game-specific study addresses composition, builds, strategy, core and secondary skills. Identifcation of key skills and development of practice strategies and routines for high-end skill acquisition.

 Course NumberSession Course NameCredits
COID497Summer1st 7 WeeksIntroduction to Esports1
COID497Summer1st 7 WeeksCollegiate Esports1
COID497Summer2nd 7 WeeksSurvey of Top Esports1
497Summer2nd 7 WeeksDetailed Esports Game Analysis1
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