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Boise State eSports

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1st 7 Week Session

COID 497- Introduction to Esports – 3 Credits

An introduction to Esports culture and history. Explores the top Esports games and skills with an analysis of roles, goals, and popularity trends for top Esports games. Emphasis on Esports culture and inclusion.

COID 497- Esports Content Creation – 3 Credits

Topics cover broad areas of Esports technology related to creating content for distribution, including podcasting, streaming, shoutcasting, video production, and Esports journalism. Using a research-based approach, students will explore competition within leagues and tournaments, which include coverage and market analyses.

2nd 7 Week Session

COID 497- Esports Operations & Management – 3 Credits

An in-depth study of Esports in the collegiate realm. Topics covered include navigating school infrastructure, leadership and organization, players and productions, team creation, and the future of Esports. Understand the roles and responsibilities of positions within a college Esports organization. Understand how to communicate with other teams, organizers, and tournament hosts.

COID 497- Esports Capstone – 3 Credits

The capstone experience is designed to be a culminating activity or project that exemplifies the multidisciplinary aspects of Esports.

Table of Esports Courses

CollegeCourse NumberSemesterSessionCourse NameCredits
COID497Fall, Spring1st 7 WeeksIntroduction to Esports3
COID497Fall, Spring1st 7 WeeksEsports Content & Analysis3
COID497Fall, Spring2nd 7 WeeksEsports Operations & Management3
497Fall, Spring2nd 7 WeeksEsports Capstone3

Esport Research

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