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Innovation Workshops - Innovation Basics

October 15 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm MDT

“You Are an Innovator!” Fall Workshop Series

As a Boise State employee, do you ever feel like there must be a better way for you and your team to do your work? Do you see a “problem” in your work area, or elsewhere on campus, and wish you could find a “better” way to do things? These are common questions, and they reflect a desire to see our work have greater impact, efficiency and meaning.


This three-part workshop series, “You Are an Innovator” is open to any member of the campus community  — staff, administrators, faculty — who is interested in more deeply engaging in Boise State’s culture of innovation. Gordon Jones, dean of the College of Innovation + Design (CI+D) and workshop leader, will share concepts that can help you design work and work processes for the benefit of those we serve. 


Expect to learn, practice and even implement concepts, tips and techniques that can increase your impact on our community, and help our university pursue boundless innovation.


Sponsored by CI+D and the President’s Office.


Registration required <Click Here to Register>


Workshop 1 – Innovation Basics (Thursday October 15, 2020 from 12-1pm)


In this first workshop, we will explore what is innovation, what leads to innovation, and how each of us can be a source of innovation at Boise State.

  • What is Innovation?
  • Dissecting Problems and Understanding the Root Causes
  • Identifying stakeholders affected
  • Who matters?
  • Clarifying what may be the (or a) problem to be solved
  • Where do ideas come from?

Assignment 1 – Think about and identify one problem to be solved in your area or for Boise State overall?