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Harvard Business School Online Courses at Boise State

Harvard’s world-class case-study method, faculty, and online experience connect you to a global learning community. Build a foundational set of skills to help you get ahead.

HBS Online CORe Immersion at Boise State: Enhance your career with the Credential of Readiness (CORe) from Harvard Business School. Courses focus on developing a basic fluency in analytics, economics, and financial accounting.

HBS Online Certificate Courses: Earn a certificate from Harvard Business School to develop basic business fluency in a specific topic areas (Management, Negotiation, Accounting, Analytics, Economics).

Open to Boise State students and community members

For-credit and not-for-credit options available

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Boise State Students (for-credit)

  • Develop skills that give you an edge in the job market
  • Register for HBS CORe when your enrollment period opens – look for COID 400, 401, 500, or 501.

Community Members (not-for-credit)

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Courses for community members (not-for-credit options)

Register for the Harvard Business School Online courses that are the best fit for you

HBS CORe, 12-week option

Register by 12/31/2022

HBS CORe, 17-week option

Stay tuned for upcoming sessions

Management Essentials

Register by 10/9/2022

Negotiation Mastery

Register by 2/5/2023

Financial Accounting

Register by 10/9/2022

Economics for Managers

Register by 2/12/2023

Business Analytics

Register by 10/2/2022