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Certificate in Innovation and Design

According to a study by McKinsey Global Institute in early 2018, “Demand for higher cognitive skills such as creativity, critical thinking and decision making, and complex information processing will grow through 2030, at cumulative double-digit rates.”

Our Certificate in Innovation and Design strives to equip and prepare learners with skills in creative problem solving, emerging technology and collaborative communication techniques, to meet the evolving demands of today and tomorrow’s workforce.

Check out student projects from our Analytics for Design course on Medium.

“Innovation is driven neither by processes nor systems; it’s generated by human talent. No matter what procedures you have in place, it’s only the creative confidence and drive of individuals — and the collective intelligence of teams — that takes companies to new frontiers, revealing a better world and boosting an organization’s bottom-line performance.”

-Rebecca Shambaugh, from her article “How to Unlock Your Team’s Creativity” in the Harvard Business Review.

The Courses

To add the Certificate in Innovation and Design to your academic plan visit this link.

Note: If you enrolled in your major prior to Fall 2019, please contact the Registrar’s office (info below) as they will have to manually add the certificate to your plan, while maintaining your major under your original catalog plan.

Admin Building, Room 110,, 208.426.4249.

COID 330 Creative Concepting (3 credits, 1st 7-week session)

Using applied design thinking methods, learn techniques for gaining empathy; taking risks to have healthy, low-risk failures, and gain confidence in sharing emerging ideas with others. Develop creative problem-solving skills and empowering feedback practices while engaging in effective debate within teams in order to move beyond good, in pursuit of excellence. Learn how context (who, what, where, when, why, how) impacts design in order to develop applications that deliver value to the user.

COID 331 Growth Hacking (3 credits, 1st 7-week session)

Learn innovative techniques to reach and engage customers at scale through a variety of digital channels to spur growth for developed concepts. Create prototype companies at the beginning of the course and learn new techniques to build upon concepts. Skills learned include but are not limited to web design, email marketing, social media, and digital advertising, while also earning digital platform certifications.

COID 332 Analytics for Design (3 credits, 2nd 7-week session)

Develop an understanding of how to gather user needs, create journey maps, conduct user testing, turn data into insights, and produce user experiences that deliver results. By using industry-standard enterprise research and analytics tools, students will begin to understand how to collect data, visualize it, and most importantly, how to understand and apply it. The developed experiences will showcase how a user can seamlessly travel across physical and digital touch-points to achieve their desired goal. Produced works may also serve as learner portfolio assets.

COID 333 Emerging Technology (3 credits, 2nd 7-week session)

Gain hands-on experience working with emerging technologies including, but not limited to: virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D printing, internet of things, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and voice assistance. Use these tools to develop creative solutions and learn to apply them to a variety of projects and settings.

The Instructors

Jennie Myers

Jennie A Myers
Director – Certificate in Innovation and Design
Jennie has over 15 years of experience working in the marketing and advertising industry, leading teams to creatively solve complex business problems. In addition, to co-leading the certificate program, she currently carries the torch for creativity at Against, a creative services company focused on rebel brands.

Brad Weigle

Brad Weigle
Director – Certificate in Innovation and Design
Brad has over 8 years of experience leading innovation and digital thinking for a long list of brands. Brad is a Boise native, and Boise State alumnus with a background in all things geek, finance, and marketing. In addition to co-leading the certificate program, he recently co-founded Against, a creative services company, where he continues his quest for total world domination.