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Randy Nuxoll


As Boise State University expands, and the importance of innovative research grows,  the Scientific Instrumentation Shop is here to assist you. Our mission is to provide exceptional support to all researchers and staff at Boise State University by assisting in the design and implementation of projects requiring expertise in mechanical and electronic functionality. From concept to completion, we are here to support your research and educational needs.


Please feel free to browse and relay comments back to Randy Nuxoll at the email addresses below.

For These Shop Capabilities (Available to Boise State University COAS only)

Electrical Design / Layout / Build
Mechanical Design / Drafting / Build
Metalworking / Woodworking / Welding
Plastic Forming / Material Cutting
CNC Woodworking/Plasma Cutting
3D printing


Randy Nuxoll: rgnuxoll@boisestate.edu

Shop phone number – (208) 426-2656