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Psychology Department Recruiting Families for Research Opportunities

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Boise State University’s Department of Psychology is actively recruiting Boise-area families that are interested in volunteering for future research studies.

Psychology faculty Cynthia Campbell, April Masarik and Jennifer Weaver are seeking out families of all types and sizes who are interested in being informed about studies in which they might participate and help advance research that supports families.

To sign up your family to be considered for research opportunities, visit:

For instance, recent research findings out of Campbell’s research lab suggest that mothers’ attitudes toward fathers’ involvement in parenting has an important impact on how confident fathers are in their ability to parent competently. Campbell’s research lab continues to examine co-parenting, including how couples share parenting tasks and interact with each other in the parenting domain.

Masarik currently is planning a study involving stress and resilience among refugee youth and families as they resettle in Boise. Results of the study may have practical implications for schools and communities.

Weaver has begun a line of research examining infant feeding practices, including formula and breastfeeding, and how this choice impacts early parenting behaviors. Through her research, Weaver hopes to inform intervention and prevention efforts aimed at improving parent-child relationships.

These are a small example of the research opportunities for which local families may be considered. Any information gathered will not be used for other purposes or shared with individuals or organizations outside of Boise State.

To sign up for future research opportunities, visit: