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English Student Emily McNamee Receives Fulbright Teaching Assistantship

Emily McNamee, a German secondary education major with a minor in linguistics, has been selected for a highly competitive 1 year position as an English Teaching Assistant in Innsbruck, Austria, through Fulbright Austria (the Austrian-American Educational Commission).

Ms. McNamee looks forward to implementing her language teaching strategies that she acquired as an undergraduate at Boise State. She is excited to share the unique culture of Idaho with her future students and to expand her current competencies in German by learning more of the particular aspects of Austrian German. She is the seventh winner of this unique program from Boise State since 2005.

Since 1962, the US English Language Teaching Assistantship Program in Austria provides US college and university graduates with opportunities to work at secondary schools throughout Austria as teaching assistants. US teaching assistants enhance the instruction of English as native speakers, and are important resources for first-hand information about the United States and the “American way of life.” The Austrian Federal Ministry of Education finances this program, which is administered by Fulbright Austria.