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COAS Thriving Community Grants

In support of the “Foster Thriving Community” pillar of Boise State’s Blueprint for Success, the college is launching a new small grant program: COAS Community Flourishing Grants.

We invite units, affinity groups, programs, and individuals to propose ideas to help facilitate community flourishing. Examples might include the purchase of a book for a group of faculty and staff interested in participating in a reading circle; it might include an honorarium for a speaker of interest to faculty and staff across a group of departments; it might entail hosting an event in support of graduate students.

The program and its funds provide an opportunity to bring people together in person or virtually, as conditions allow, in order to build a sense of belonging and to share or explore ideas that can strengthen and elevate the communities within our college. Please use your imagination to propose an idea that will make a difference within our community.

Program details

  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout AY 21-22 by this Google form.
  • As the year goes on, preference will be given to first-time applicants to the program.
  • The primary applicant must be a full-time member of the COAS community (faculty or staff), but programming may extend beyond the college and can certainly include part-time faculty, part-time staff, or student participants.
  • Decisions will be made on funding within two weeks of application if at all possible.
  • Please allow at least four weeks for funding transfers to your home department.
  • The scale of the community you seek to support should correlate with the size of the request.  An average award size is likely to be in the $500-750 range, but smaller requests are welcome.
  • A brief report on the event or program and its community impact will be required.

Questions? Contact Makenzie Phillips  (