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COAS Faculty over 25 Years of Service

2014 Faculty Recognition

Back Row (left to right): Jeanne Belfy, Music, 31 years; J. Wallis Bratt, Music, 44 years (retiring); Del Parkinson, Music, 29 years; John Baldwin, Music, 43 years; Craig Purdy, Music, 27 years; Marc Bechard, Biological Sciences, 31 years; Marion Scheepers, Math, 26 years; Brad Bammel, Chemistry, 26 years; David Mathie, Music, 22 years (retiring); Mike Samball, Music, 38 years; Tony Roark, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences.

Front Row (left to right): Linda Marie Zaerr, English, 27 years; Karen Uehling, English, 33 years; Marcellus Brown, Music, 25 years; Mary Jarratt Smith, English, 27 years.

Our sincere gratitude to these faculty members that have devoted themselves to Boise State University and mentoring our students. We couldn’t do this without them.