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An important part of the Boise State mission is involvement with the community. The College of Arts and Sciences is strongly tied to the community through events, activities and internships. For our students, this means real-world educational opportunities, and it offers our community educated and trained students who are eager to learn and participate as citizens.


Internship opportunities are a very important way for students to apply their knowledge in the world beyond the university. Both the sponsoring organization and the intern gain from the experience, with the intern accomplishing some valued work and learning from a mentor’s guidance and gaining work experience. Sponsoring an intern from the College of Arts and Sciences is a great way to stay connected with the Boise State University community. By sponsoring an internship, you also help the College of Arts and Sciences improve its programs and maintain its excellent reputation. To learn more about sponsoring an intern, please contact the Career Center.


Service-Learning at Boise State University fosters active citizenship and enhances learning through academically based community service. When thoughtfully planned and implemented, successful Service-Learning experiences benefit students, faculty, agencies and communities. Visit the Service-Learning website to learn more.

Your Support Makes the Difference

The vision for the College of Arts and Sciences – a vision that you can help us achieve – is one of excellence in teaching and scholarship.

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