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Giving to the College of Arts and Sciences

We are unified in our goal of making the college a place where:

• Idaho’s best students elect to learn, to grow and to shape a future we can only begin to imagine

• Faculty who are among the nation’s finest mentor our students, inspiring them to achieve their dreams and to create a better world

• An array of scholarships are available to students, allowing them to focus fully on their academic program of choice

• State-of-the-art facilities are in place, allowing our faculty and student to create, discover and innovate

Achieving and sustaining this level of excellence is possible with your generous support. Thank you for considering a gift to a program that is meaningful to you.

To arrange a meeting to discuss our shared vision for the College of Arts and Sciences, please contact:

Development Directors:

Interim Dean Leslie Durham, (208) 426-1414

Boise State University Foundation