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Take a Bronco to Lunch

Take a Bronco to Lunch is a mentor program that matches College of Business and Economics students with industry professionals for a one-time lunch*. This program allows students to meet with a mentor in a social setting. Mentor meetings are encouraged to take place following local health and safety guidelines.

*You are not limited to just lunch. Past participants have chosen to go to coffee, meet on campus, attend a local event, or even talk over video chat or phone. This program is less about food (although who doesn’t love a good sandwich?) and more about sharing expertise and facilitating connections.

brown paper lunch sack with Boise State logo

Student Registration

Registration and matching with a professional is simple. First, we gather information on your career interests and goals. Next, we meet with you to begin the matching process. After being matched, we will provide the mentor’s information for you to coordinate a meeting.

Complete the Student Registration Survey.

Professional Registration

Connecting with students is easy. First, we gather information about your career and area of expertise. Next, we use that information to pair you with a student. Once paired, we will provide you with the student’s information. However, the responsibility is on the student to coordinate a meeting.

Complete the Professional Registration Survey.