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Professional Registration

Registration Form

Thanks for your interest in becoming a professional mentor for the Take a Bronco to Lunch (TBL) program. We will help you connect with a College of Business and Economics student to share your career insights and experiences. Please complete this registration survey to help us match you with a student. We will reach out to you with additional information and instructions upon receipt of your registration (typically 2 business days). For additional support or questions, please email or call (208) 426 - 3862.
  • Gender Identity
  • Are you comfortable being matched with someone of a different gender than yours?
  • Share a description of your professional history and strengths.
  • For example - your degree major and degree institution.
  • For example - no more than 1x monthly
  • 1. A Boise State University student will contact you directly to connect over lunch. If you are unavailable for lunch, consider an alternate time, such as in the morning for coffee, or connecting through a phone call or video chat. 2. Feel free to decline the lunch if you feel ill-matched with the student or unable to address the student's goals/interests. In that instance, please communicate a declined connection with COBE Career Services. 3. You are not obligated to offer employment opportunities or anything other than mentoring. 4. You and the student must travel independently to a public setting for your Take a Bronco to Lunch meeting. In-person meetings are encouraged to be on-campus, during daylight hours when possible. 5. If you are meeting for lunch, please pay for both your lunch and the student's when possible. 6. Share insights and experiences that you think would be helpful in supporting education and career choices. Even if you are not in the exact role or career field that the student is interested in, still consider providing tips and tricks that have helped you grow and develop in your professional career.
  • Would you like your contact info added to our database of professionals for participation in other career programs -- such as classroom panels, mock interviews, etc.?
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