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Social Entrepreneurship Student Organization

The Social Entrepreneurship Student Organization (SESO) is a group of students with the collective goal of using entrepreneurial and business tactics to solve common social issues in our community.

SESO is a collaborative experience, where students use their majors to make social impact at both local and global scales. As a member, you will

  • experience the challenges and rewards of networking with companies internationally
  • collaborate with organizations that work outside of the typical corporate structure
  • learn how socio-cultural and political influences impact business practice.

Members work directly with non-profit and socially conscious businesses, and with the International Business Organization (IBO) to provide support for the Global Scholars Program to sponsor service abroad projects. Students with majors outside of COBE are welcome to join.

Upcoming Project

SESO and the Global Scholars Program are planning a trip to British Columbia for spring break 2020. The project focuses on conservation efforts for large predatory species.