Online MBA Emphasis Areas – Information for Current Students

Launching Fall 2019, the Online MBA program will move from 13 required courses to a new curriculum with 10 core courses and 3 electives. This allows the flexibility to take electives and/or to tailor your degree with one of our new emphasis areas.

Take a look at our new course descriptions for more information.

Current students may choose to continue with their current course plan and are not required to switch to an emphasis area.

  1. Management Emphasis – this is essentially the same MBA curriculum with BUSMBA 530, 535, and 540 made to be electives. For students who have already taken these courses or who plan to take these courses, you can choose to designate “Management” as an emphasis area or continue on to graduate with no emphasis area selected for your degree. This option is available to all current students with no changes to your course schedule or time to completion.
  2. Construction Management – in partnership with Boise State’s College of Engineering, we’ve designed this emphasis for students in the architecture, engineering, or construction industries or in affiliated roles.
  3. Healthcare Leadership – this emphasis is designed for both clinicians and administrators who are interested in leadership within the healthcare industry.
  4. “General” Master of Business Administration – this option allows students to add any 3 electives to the new core of 10 required courses in order to earn the general “Master of Business Administration” degree.

Click here for detailed course descriptions

This flowchart is designed to help you understand your options and what degree you may earn.

The updated Course Carousel (Excel Document) will help you map your path to graduation with the new elective courses.