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GMAT or GRE test scores may be required as part of your application to the Professional MBA Program. The PMBA program has no preference which test is taken.

This requirement may be waived for applicants who have previously completed a master’s or doctoral level degree, or who have 3 years of significant management experience and a 3.0 GPA.

Please email if you would like consideration for a test waiver.

In general, applicants will score 500 on the GMAT or 147 (verbal) and 148 (quantitative) on the GRE, when paired with a 3.0 GPA in the last two years of their undergraduate career.  Slightly lower test scores or GPA may be offset by higher results in the other area. All applications are reviewed holistically with the GMAT/GRE being one component of your overall submission.

GMAT vs. GRE: Which Test is Right for You?

GMAT Information and Registration:

GRE Information and Registration:

Boise State University School Code: 4018

Both exams are available throughout the year at various testing centers. Advance studying and preparation for the exam is highly recommended.

Most PMBA students who take the GMAT or GRE self-study for 1-3 months in advance of the exam. If desired, GMAT/GRE preparation classes are available through the Center for Professional Development.