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Students who have earned a baccalaureate degree, either at Boise State or elsewhere can earn a second degree by completing specified major requirements. Second-degree seeking students must complete at least 30 upper-division credits at Boise State for each additional degree.

Have you considered one of our Graduate Programs? The College of Business and Economics has several opportunities for students looking to continue their education.

Second-Degree Process

  1. Get Admitted as a second-degree seeking student (Please visit the Second Bachelor’s Degree homepage for details about the admission process)
  2. Complete the COBE Second-Degree Checklist Request
  3. COBE Advising will complete an initial evaluation of your previously earned credits
  4. Your documents will be forwarded to the appropriate department for final evaluation of credits needed to earn a second-degree
  5. You will be contacted by COBE Advising to review requirements and any additional information needed

Please make sure to review important deadlines, policies, and guidelines outlined on the Office of the Registrar’s homepage. You will also want to review the COBE Admission standards for completing a business degree (BBA) through Boise State.

*Important: Submission for second-degree requests can take up to 8 weeks for processing. The submission of your request may impact course availability and/or your intended start date. For questions regarding this process, please contact COBE Advising directly.

Second-Degree Checklist Request