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Our Culture

COBE CORe CultureCollaboration, Opportunity, Respect

The following elements and behaviors describe our interactions. They are manifestations of our core values: Relevance – Respect – Responsibility.

Collaboration and Teamwork

• We create a safe environment for respectful discourse and debate.
• We actively work on cross-functional projects to better the
College and community.
• We engage in active listening to understand a situation and support
individual contributions and inclusiveness.
• Our meetings are collegial, mission focused and guided by established positive norms.
• We bring fresh, vital and positive attitudes to our work and interactions.
• We create lifelong educational partnerships with our students.

Opportunity, Innovation and Long-term Focus

• We are open to new ideas and approaches.
• We set challenging goals and are not afraid to fail.
• We cultivate opportunities for challenge and professional growth.
• We take necessary time to implement strategies.
• We persevere by doing the right things especially when it is difficult.
• We foster continual improvement in all aspects of our work.

Respect, Trust and Civility

• We assure that conversations are constructive, positive and focused forward.
• We are empowered and expected to hold ourselves accountable for
adhering to the elements of our culture.
• We are timely in our responses to one another.
• We engage in courteous and professional discourse in all our interactions.
• We share information directly so people don’t hear things indirectly or after the fact.
• We look for the best in others.
• We share differing perspectives to foster diversity and inclusion.